The Maid of the Forth
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Maid of the Forth - Forth Boat Tours History Guide

The Maid of the Forth – a history

Maid of the Forth has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. It was originally used as a fishing vessel before being converted into a ferry for transporting passengers to and from Inchcolm Island. Over the years, the boat has undergone several renovations to ensure the comfort and safety of its passengers. In addition to its regular sightseeing cruises, Maid of the Forth has also been used for special events. These include things such as weddings, corporate functions, and private charters.

The boat has without question become a beloved fixture in the local community. Indeed, many residents and visitors alike return year after year to enjoy the unique experience of cruising on the Forth. With its knowledgeable crew, stunning views, and diverse wildlife, Maid of the Forth continues to be a popular choice. Especially for those looking to explore the beauty of the Firth of Forth and its surrounding areas.

The Maid of The Forth Today

The Maid of the Forth is a spacious vessel with a capacity to carry up to 220 passengers. Its design includes gangways on both lower and upper decks, allowing for easy access to Inchcolm Island regardless of tide conditions. This boat features two levels for passengers to enjoy. The lower deck is enclosed, providing protection from the elements, while the upper deck is open, allowing guests to bask in the fresh sea air as they cruise.

Onboard amenities include a well-stocked bar serving a variety of beverages and separate restroom facilities for men and women. These features ensure that passengers are comfortable and well-catered to throughout their journey to Inchcolm Island.

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The Three Bridges Cruise

The Three Bridges Cruise

Our original cruise, the Three Bridges Cruise is quite simply one of Scotland’s best days out.

Relax onboard your 1.5 hour sightseeing cruise of this UNESCO World Heritage site and listen to the guided commentary while you enjoy a beverage or snack from the bar. Take in the spectacular  Three Bridges, the beautiful panoramas of the Edinburgh skyline, Inchcolm Island with its medieval abbey, and the islands of Inchgarvie, Inchkeith, and Inchmickery.

And don’t forget to look out for the marine wildlife including seals and puffins!