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Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel – Original Tour

Furthermore, The Falkirk Wheel is a unique rotating boat lift located in Scotland. It simply connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Interestingly, in addition were previously connected by a series of 11 locks which would previously take several hours to navigate.

The Falkirk Wheel Opened in 2002 as part of the Millennium Link project, The Falkirk Wheel aims to restore the historic canals and waterways of Scotland. The wheel is a whopping 115 feet tall and but can easily lift up to eight boats at a time, impressively weighing a total of 600 tonnes, from one canal to the other in just four minutes.

Using Archimedes’ principle of displacement

Fascinatingly, the wheel simply works by using Archimedes’ principle of displacement. Basically, each boat is placed into one of the eight gondolas. Typically, these are then simply filled with water until they weigh the same as the canal basin below. The gondolas are then merely rotated around the central axis of the wheel, lifting the boats up to the height of the other canal. In turn, the process is then reversed in order to lower the boats down to the other side.

Moreover, the Wheel is not only a feat of engineering, but also a popular tourist attraction. Indeed, you can take boat trips on the wheel and learn about its history and construction.

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Here, guests can take in the spectacular views of the Three Bridges, the beautiful panoramas of the Edinburgh skyline to the south and the Kingdom of Fife to the north, the island of Inchcolm with its medieval abbey ‘The Iona of the East’, and the islands of Inchgarvie, Inchkeith, and Inchmickery.

During your cruise simply look out for the abundance of marine wildlife. We regularly encounter a wide mix of seabirds and seals, and even the occasional porpoise.

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The Falkirk Wheel Cruise

The Falkirk Wheel Cruise

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