About Us

Forth Boat Tours offers visitors the opportunity to experience the stunning Firth of Forth from a unique perspective, aboard comfortable and well-equipped sightseeing boats. The Firth of Forth is a large estuary on the east coast of Scotland. And it is renowned for its natural beauty, with rugged coastline, rocky islands, and abundant wildlife.

Boat Cruises

One of the most popular tours offered by Forth Boat Tours is the Three Bridges Cruise. It takes passengers on a journey under the three iconic bridges that span the Firth of Forth. These are the mighty Forth Bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, and the newly built Forth Road Bridge. This tour offers spectacular views of these impressive feats of engineering from the water. It also allows those on board opportunities to see a range of seabirds and marine wildlife.

A popular tour is the Blackness Castle and Three Bridges Cruise. We take passengers on a journey to the historic Blackness Castle, a 15th-century fortress steeped in history. So much so that that it has appeared in various movies and TV shows, including Outlander. The tour includes a guided tour of the castle, as well as a journey under the three bridges.

Wildlife & Sightseeing

For visitors who want to experience more of the Firth of Forth’s natural beauty and wildlife, there is the Forth Bridges & Inchcolm Island Landing Cruise. This tour includes a visit to Inchcolm Island, which is home to a 12th-century abbey and a variety of seabirds, seals, and other wildlife. Passengers can explore the island and its attractions before returning to the boat for the journey back to South Queensferry.

Overall, Forth Boat Tours is a great way to experience the Firth of Forth and its surroundings, with comfortable boats, knowledgeable crew, and a range of tours to suit different interests and preferences.

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